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Price of Porcelain Veneers Los Angeles

price of porcelain veneers los angelesYour teeth are exceptionally durable. They are able to continuously withstand the forces of chewing and talking, and they can sustain quite a bit of damage over the years. However, teeth are not impervious to damage or decay, and over time, you may begin to notice chips, cracks, breaks, and stains on your teeth. These issues may not pose a threat to the health of your teeth, but they may make you self-conscious about your smile, and you could become more hesitant to smile around others. For this reason, many patients see our dentist and ask about porcelain veneers. If you think you could benefit from veneers, you will most likely ask our dentist about the benefits and price of porcelain veneers in Los Angeles.

The porcelain veneers cost will vary from patient to patient because every individual has different needs and the treatment may vary slightly. One of the factors that comes up most when determining the price of porcelain veneers in Los Angeles is what material the veneers will be made out of. Dental veneers can be made out of porcelain or composite resin. Although porcelain costs a bit more, many patients prefer getting it because it produces more natural-looking results, and it has a longer lifespan, so ultimately, the cost could prove to be on par with resin.

Your price of porcelain veneers in Los Angeles could also be affected by whether or not you also suffer from underlying decay or gum disease. Veneers are a cosmetic restoration, and they cannot help with actual health issues. If you do suffer from tooth decay or gum disease, you will need to have those problems treated before the veneers can be applied. Any additional treatments will ultimately raise the price.

Some patients suffer from extreme dental anxiety, and they may require certain sedation techniques so that they can sit through the procedure. You can have your veneers placed in as little as two visits to the dentist, and we can give you an estimate as to what your price of porcelain veneers in Los Angeles will be beforehand so that you know exactly what you are getting into.

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